Mezcal: XC tires with 4 compounds

The Mezcal is one of the most popular XC tyres of the Vittoria MTB product range, along with the Barzo and Gato (check out the full range here).

Mezcal is also the tire choice of many pro teams such as BMC Mountainbike Team, Moebel Maerki, C.S. Carabinieri Olympia Vittoria and Wilier Force 7C MTB Team. Since the start of the racing season, this tire has earned numerous victories and podiums in major Cross-Country and Marathon competitions in Europe.

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The Mezcal has been particularly designed for hardpack terrains; dry dirt that tends to crumble and leave a dusty surface layer.

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The Mezcal uses a defined center-ridge tread for enhanced speed and fluidity on straight and fast tracks. The unique low-profile tread is tightly spaced in the center for low rolling resistance and durability. The knobs in the center of the tread are symmetrical and alternated, and they flex in the direction of cornering for maximum drivability. Mezcal features capable side knobs for the best grip on trails that require continuous climbing and braking. Additionally, the combined presence of Graphene and 4C technologies guarantees the optimal structure to take the Mezcal performances to a whole new level, yet decreasing the total weight of the tyre.

Mezcal XC tyres are available in TNT casing. TNT (tube-not-tube) represents the top-of-the-line tubeless-Ready MTB casing available from Vittoria. It is a complete system, featuring class leading sidewall-protection and performance compounds. What originated as our tubeless ready casing has evolved into the obvious choice for World Class racers, who demand race day dependability.

Mezcal features Vittoria’s revolutionary 4C technology. Vittoria 4C is an extrusion process using up to 4 different compounds in the same tread. The 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for different base and surface compounds, in both the centre and side areas of the tread. Benefiting from the different properties of each compound, including Graphene compounds, their distribution is extensively tested to deliver the best products imaginable.

When applied to Mezcal XC tires, as well as to Vittoria’s top of the range mountain bike tires, 4C is developed in this way: the two compounds on the base of the tread are harder, as they are designed for offering stability, puncture protection and cut resistance in corners. Instead, the layers on the surface provide unmatched climbing and braking traction in the central part, and world class cornering grip - even in wet conditions – on the sides.

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Graphene is a material which has exceptional characteristics that make Vittoria products advantageous for many different purposes and uses. When applied to the tire compound, Graphene enhances speed, grip, durability and puncture protection. Effectively, it allows for natural material barriers of rubber to be removed.


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