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Apply to the #VittoriaSponsorship programme! You will have the chance to test the tires made with the most innovative compound: GRAPHENE 2.0!
The #VittoriaSponsorship is a project involving many different countries around the world.
We are looking for Cycling Team/Clubs willing to test our products, give us feedbacks and support the brand through Social Media in 2021.


The selection will be based on your discipline and race results evaluating both the the average kilometer coverage and the number of hours spent cycling per week.
Your presence as a Team/Club on Social Media and followers will then be considered.
If you feel your Team/Club is a good fit, don't waste time! Fill in the form!
The programme closes on December 1st 2020, the selected Teams/Clubs will be contacted by email by january 10th 2021.


If you think you are the Team/Club we are looking for, fill out the form below with your details. If your Team/Club profile matches our needs, you will be contacted.