Vittoria helps Glen Plake find his '58 Chevy


I bought my first car from my grandpa when I was 14 years old. It was a ‘59 Chevy pickup that he used on his ranch for years, and I went everywhere with it. Many Baja runs, early Mohawks, bike events and everywhere else. It ended up sitting behind the barn 25 years ago, after being pestered by people wanting to buy it.  I let it go for $500. I couldn't find the pink slip at the time but knew I had it. I told the guy to come by later, but he never did, and I never saw the truck again. I regretted it, and kinda always kept my eye out for it while riding the farm roads of Northern Nevada, hoping to find it sitting somewhere. 

Totally at random during a layover in San Francisco, I happened to see an ad on Craigslist for a "58 Chevy" Pickup.  I looked and daydreamed about my old truck. Other than the same type, there was no real resemblance to mine, time had removed the blue paint, pieces were missing, and it had been through several owners.

The ad said, "cool retro stickers, would be good rat rod". It was at that time I saw the Vittoria sticker and I realized that I was looking at my truck! Calls were made, and slightly-possessed/slightly-supported by my wife, I drove up to Nor-Cal, cut the deal, and got it!

I never told the guy the history till the deal was made, not wanting to affect the sale! But when it came to the pink slip, he said it was lost, but could be recovered. It was at that point that I had to let the cat out of the bag! I showed him the original pink slip, still in my name! So, thanks to that old Vittoria sticker she's back "in front" of the barn and I’ll be piecing her back together, making some new memories rolling down the road!