Our expertise in tire manufacturing at e-riders’ disposal

Yes, e-bikes require specific tires!


The heavier weight of electric bikes is an issue for tires indeed. Normally, tires are the part of the bike that is more prone to damage, as it is the only point of contact with the ground. Rocks, roots, debris… all obstacles you can find on the trail can be harmful to your tires.
Now try to imagine using a 22kg bicycle! Weight adds up stress to the tire. Every obstacle becomes a weapon that can provoke a tire failure. E-bikes require tires that can handle all that weight without compromising riding safety and comfort.


Speed is an important factor affecting the tire consumption. The tire knobs are stressed in acceleration, and every impact is much stronger when riding fast.
E-bikes generate strong accelerations that may even tear off the tire knobs. The higher torque of e-bikes requires compounds that can resist and fight back all that power.


Battery saving tires

Vittoria e-bike tires use durable graphene-enhanced compounds that reduce the rolling resistance and consequently extend the battery life.

Extreme Grip

Vittoria e-bike tires guarantee non-stop traction when climbing and cornering, and they also allow shorter braking distances.

Puncture Resistance

Vittoria e-bike tires use the most robust tire construction ever developed from Vittoria. Each part of the tire – casing, bead, tread, sidewalls – has been fine-tuned to improve puncture protection.


4 graphene-enhanced compounds in one tread

Because of their power, e-bikes need treads that do not wear out fast. Graphene improves the tread durability and rolling. This trait is very important as it positively affects the battery consumption, extending the battery life. The 4C technology, the layering process allowing to place 4 different layer of rubber compound in the same tread, improves the knobs strength and flexibility. Therefore, they can better resist to the strong accelerations of e-bikes (they do not tear off because of the higher torque) without compromising the grip.

Robust casing

Vittoria tires e-MTBs use a 2-ply casing with sidewall protections for the best puncture protection and to protect the tire from the weight and power of electric mountain bikes.

e-MTB tire range

Vittoria’s e-MTB compatible tire range begins with some of our most popular MTB treads. e-Barzo, e-Agarro, e-Martello and e-Mazza are the treads composing this new line which has been designed to meet the needs of every e-rider within XC, Trail and Enduro segments.
e-Barzo is the go-to e-tire for XC, an all-condition tire perfect for technical terrains. e-Agarro is the option for the Trail, a brand-new design specifically developed for this discipline. e-Martello and e-Mazza are Vittoria best e-tires for Enduro, two different tread designs allowing multiple front/rear combinations without compromising grip and speed.

Air-Liner tire insert

For the best puncture protection on your electric mountain bike, and for the best riding experience, Vittoria e-MTB range includes the Air-Liner tire insert. Punctures are no more an issue with Air-Liner, the ultimate insert for mountain bike tires. Air-Liner is a foam-based insert for tubeless tires designed for mountain bike riding. Re-usable and easy to set up, Air-Liner protects the rim, increases the grip and prevents pinch flats.


e-Randonneur is the tire you need for your urban/trekking e-bike when you don’t want to worry about tires. The tire is extremely reliable: robust and durable, it can bring you back and forth for countless kilometres. e-Randonneur makes your ride safer. The casing has been optimized for ultimate puncture protection with a 3 mm thick Puncture Resistant Belt (PRB) that protects the casing from bead to bead. The tread has been designed to provide grip and dependability in all weather conditions and the reflective band on the sidewall of the tire will make you always visible on the street even in the dark.