Vittoria Tubulars

The tread is glued by hand on the casing, a labor-intensive process exclusively used for premium tubulars. The tubular tire’s round profile gives it several advantages over any clincher. Cornering is more predictable and shock absorption is superior. Also, the broad glued interface to the rim spreads shock loads more evenly through the casing, letting the tire absorb big hits without deflecting or slowing down. Vittoria strongly recommends Mastik Pro, offering great adhesion even at high temperatures (up to 140 degrees Celsius). The Vittoria tubular gives you maximum speed and grip: 1 - Wear-resistant tread has very low rolling resistance 2 - Vittoria’s optimized compounds (up to 4C) with G+ Isotech* for the best combinations of speed and grip 3 - Breaker for excellent flat protection 4 - Up to 320 TPI Corespun casing 5 - Latex inner tube** 6 - Handmade from stitching to tread lamination


TNT represents the top-of-the-line clincher MTB casing available from Vittoria. TNT, short for Tube/No-Tube, can be used with or without an inner tube. What originated as our Tubeless-Ready casing has evolved into the obvious choice for racers who demand race day dependability. • The casing starts with a proven, lightweight 120 TPI carcass, which provides the trademark Vittoria supple feel. This allows the tread to minimize deflection, and reduce rolling resistance. • All Vittoria MTB TNT tires come with a sidewall protection layer • The added layer of sidewall protection virtually eliminates sidewall cuts. TNT features work together to provide an unbeatable package, without compromise.

XC TNT Casing (Cross Country) and CX TNT Casing

The TNT casing used in XC and CX tires is the lightest version of our TNT casing, and features the dependable tubeless-ready bead, and added sidewall protection.

AM TNT Casing (All-Mountain)

The TNT-AM casing features our proven tubeless-ready bead and added sidewall protection, but also adds an APF (anti-pinch-flat) insert just above the bead. This APF insert pads the rim against impacts, and adds stiffness to the sidewall.

RTNT Casing (Downhill)

The RTNT DH casing is a dual-ply reinforced casing, with a rigid tubeless-ready bead, and APF insert. This protects against pinch flats and stabilizes the tire’s shoulder.