Tire bead

The bead of the tire is the interface that connects the tire to the rim. The core of the bead is typically made from steel or aramid cord.

Tubeless Ready

• A tubeless ready bead allows the tire to be used either with a tube, or with just tire sealant (no tube).
• It is chosen for its unique shape, which locks into the rim wall to provide an airtight seal and ensure easy tubeless set-up, and to optimize air retention (minimize burping).
• The Tubeless Ready Bead core is made from aramid.
• Sometimes referred to as “TR” or “TRB” within the industry.


• It is chosen for its minimal weight, and tight fit.
• Due to its flexibility, it allows the tire to be folded.
• The Vittoria aramid bead comes standard in Folding and TNT casings.


• The Vittoria Rigid bead is the most cost-effective technology of the whole range.
• The steel bead core makes installation easy.
• Its proven durability also makes it the choice for DH tire applications.