Often referred to as a "sew-up", the tubular tyre is made up by a cloth casing wrapped around an inner tube. The edges of the tubular are sewn along the inside circumference. The rim for such a tyre has a mild concavity, and the tyre is glued to the rim.

The tread of Vittoria tubulars is glued by hand on the casing, a labor-intensive process exclusively used for premium tubulars. The tubular tire’s round profile gives it several advantages over any clincher. Cornering is more predictable and shock absorption is superior. Also, the broad glued interface to the rim spreads shock loads more evenly through the casing, letting the tire absorb big hits without deflecting or slowing down. Vittoria strongly recommends Mastik Pro, offering great adhesion even at high temperatures (up to 140 degrees Celsius).


The Vittoria tubular gives you maximum speed and grip:

  • Wear-resistant tread has very low rolling resistance
  • Vittoria’s optimized 4C compound (4 compounds in the same tyre) with Graphene for the best combinations of speed and grip
  • Breaker for excellent flat protection
  • Corespun casing up to 320 TPI
  • Latex inner tube
  • Handmade from stitching to tread lamination

Vittoria’s tubular road tyres selection:

  • Competition: Corsa –  Corsa Speed –  Corsa Control (with latex inner tube)
  • Track: Pista – Pista Speed – Pista Control (with latex inner tube)
  • Triathlon: Triathlon Speed (with butyl inner tube)
  • All-Round: Rubino Pro (with butyl inner tube)
  • Training: Rally –  Juniores (with butyl inner tube)

Watch the video How a Tubular is Made



Clincher is the most common type of tyre and it requires the use of tubes. It comes with a woven fabric casing, with either metal or folding fabric beads, and it is vulcanized during the production process. This irreversible process causes the rubber molecules to link together with a curing agent, notably carbon, to enhance the durability and strength of rubber itself.

Vittoria clincher road tyres selection encompasses the following product lines: All-Round, Training, and Urban.


Open tubular is a type of clincher tyre that uses the unique construction method of high-end tubulars. Vittoria open tubulars have exactly the same production process and properties as the tubular, except for the sown-in inner tube. Open are handmade with aramid folding bead for optimal fit on the rim.

Vittoria open tubular road tyres selection:

  • Competition: Corsa – Corsa Control
  • Track: Pista – Pista Control



A tubeless ready bead allows the tire to be used either with a tube, or with just tire sealant (no tube). It is chosen for its unique performance. It locks into the rim wall to provide an airtight seal and ensure easy tubeless set-up, and to optimize air retention (minimize burping).

Vittoria tubeless-ready open tubular (TLR) shares the same production process and properties as the open tubular, with the addition of a stronger bead material (LCP). For optimal safety, this construction is designed to withstand 18 bar of pressure on a standard alloy tubeless rim.

Vittoria tubeless-ready open tubular road tyre selection:

  • Competition: Corsa Speed