Interview: Reggie Miller

Most people probably know you as an NBA All-Star, or for your three-point shooting, but you’re also a huge cycling enthusiast. How long have you been riding and what got you into it?

I’ve been riding casually since 2001-02, but in terms of training and having Coaches probably last 4-5 years.

You’re mainly a mountain biker, do you dabble with other disciplines such as road or cyclocross?

I will first and foremost always be a mountain biker, Endurance/XC to be exact. Though I do have a new toy - a Specialized Diverge gravel bike which I use a lot in terms of training on the road and sometimes on the hills.


What is your current bike set up?

So, for my bike setup, I’m running the Santa Cruz Blur frame size XL with a fox factory 32 fork in the front. For the bars and stem I am running Enve as well as the new Enve M525 wheels with DT Swiss hubs and custom decals on the rims. To keep me rolling fast and smooth I have the Vittoria Barzo/Mezcal tire combo and Orange Sealant to keep me from getting flats. Now, on to the drive train, I am using the full Sram XX1 Eagle with the Quark Power Meter in the cranks and to keep it buttery smooth, I’m using the Kogel bottom bracket and pulleys. The brakes are also Sram Level ultimates to match the rest of the group set. Lastly to where I make contact, I’m using some Red Monkey chunky grips and a Selle SMP dynamic seat to get me through the long rides on the bike.


I’ve noticed you use the term BOOMBABY a lot. It’s in your Instagram bio, on your kit, and you frequently use it as a hashtag. What does BOOMBABY mean?

The term BOOMBABY originated from Hall of Fame and legendary Coach of the ABA Indiana Pacers, Bobby “Slick” Leonard. During my Pacers playing days, Slick was our TV/Radio play by play commentator. After all my 3-pters, he would yell out BOOMBABY!! So during those hotly contested battles with those damn New York Knicks, the term BOOMBABY went through the roof. So now during my races, I hear so many fans yell out “BOOMBABY”, and it makes me smile because Slick’s catch saying is alive and well (as is he)


If you were stuck on an island and you could only bring 3 items with you, what would they be?

If I was stuck on an island I would bring a fire starter, a pot to boil water and knife to go hunting. Hope I had clothes sent to me


At this point, you’ve ridden a few different tires from Vittoria. Do you have a favorite?

For my longer rides and races LOVE the Barzo/Mezcal setup. For shorter races, I have fallen in love with my Barzo/Terreno, the Terreno is smooth as BUTTAH!


Is there anyone in particular in the cycling world that you look up to?

Man, I have so many heroes that I look up to in the cycling world. I pattern my style and how I want to ride every race after Sonya Looney, I want the courage and strength of a Kyle Strait, I want the focus and drive of Kate Courtney and I want the balance, grace, and raw speed of Aaron Gwin. At some point, they all have helped me tremendously grow as rider. It helps to have their voices in my corner. Honorable Mentions, Ryan Geiger, Rachel Strait, George Mota, Anneke Beerten, Payson McElveen, Jason Blodgett..


Do you have any goals set for yourself within your cycling journey?

The only goal(s) I have is to help bring more awareness to this wonderful sport of cycling, particularly mountain biking. Also to be one of the best Cat 2 50+ riders out there!


Anything else you’d like to tell the world?

Last but not least, only thing I would want to tell the world, “Get outside, and ride your DAMN BIKE!!!!!”


To follow Reggie and his mountain biking adventures, give him a follow on instagram, @reggiemillertnt