4 reasons why you are getting recurring punctures

Are you getting recurring punctures to your tires? Here are a few suggestions to avoid getting so many flats:

 1. Foreign body in the tire

It could be you have something on the inside of or in your tire that is causing the leak. A thorn, staple, piece of glass or debris, etc. Usually you can find the culprit if you very very thoroughly run your fingers along the inside of the tire. Glass can be imbedded into a cut in a tire and until you squeeze the tire at the cut point you cannot actually see it.

2. Shifted-up rim tape

Check your rim tapes. They may have shifted up to one side of the rim thus exposing a spoke hole, or in fact creating an area where the tape can pinch the tube.

 3. Broken rim tape

Check rim tapes for small cracks over spoke holes, again this will pinch and puncture the tube.

4. Worn-out tire

The tire may just simply be worn out. As an example, for race tires, the tread depth can be no more than 2mm, so if its 50% worn out that’s just 1mm of rubber and hence you have essentially lost 50% of the resistance to a puncture or having something penetrate your tire.

Quick check: If all else fails, it is suggested to swap tires to check whether it is a wheel or a tire issue. Meaning, if the tire goes from the front to the rear of the bicycle and still punctures, it is most likely a tire problem. However, if the tire that went from the rear to the front punctures, then it's most likely a wheel/rim issue.

Think logically that in the real sense it’s not going to be normal nor likely that you will go out and get punctures repeatedly unless there is something creating it. The brand of tire rarely, if ever, is the reason. It nearly always will be one of the issues listed above.

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