Vittoria tubeless-ready clinchers for off-road and mountain bike feature Vittoria TNT technology. TNT represents the top-of-the-line clincher MTB casing available from Vittoria. TNT (short for Tube/No-Tube) can be used with or without an inner tube. What originated as our tubeless-ready casing has evolved into the obvious choice for racers who demand race day dependability.

The nylon casing starts with a proven, lightweight 120 TPI carcass, which provides the trademark Vittoria supple feel. This allows the tread to minimize deflection, and reduce rolling resistance. All Vittoria MTB tubeless-ready tyres come with a sidewall protection layer, aimed to virtually eliminate sidewall cuts.

TNT features work together to provide an unbeatable package, without compromise. In addition to this, Vittoria developed its MTB tubeless-ready clinchers considering the different MTB disciplines. Therefore, TNT casing for Cross-Country is the lightest version of Vittoria TNT casing, and features the dependable tubeless-ready bead, and added sidewall protection. TNT casing for Enduro and All-Mountain features our proven tubeless-ready bead and added sidewall protection, but also adds an APF (anti-pinch-flat) insert just above the bead. This APF insert pads the rim against impacts, and adds stiffness to the sidewall.

Both Cross-Country and Enduro/All-Mountain versions of Vittoria TNT casing use an aramid bead. It is chosen for its minimal weight, tight fit, and due to its flexibility, it allows the tire to be folded. Instead, the Downhill version uses Vittoria rTNT casing, which features a rigid bead made of steel. The rTNT DH casing is a dual-ply reinforced casing, with a rigid tubeless-ready bead, and APF insert. This protects against pinch flats and stabilizes the tire’s shoulder.


Vittoria tubeless-ready clincher tyres selection:

  • Cyclocross & Gravel: Terreno Dry, Terreno Miix, Terreno Wet (with TNT casing)
  • Cross-Country: Mezcal, Barzo, e-Barzo, Gato, Saguaro, Peyote, Aka (with TNT casing)
  • Enduro/All-Mountain: Martello, Morsa, Mota, Goma, e-Goma, Jafaki (with TNT casing)
  • Downhill: Martello, Mota, Morsa (with rTNT casing)

Watch the video  How to Mount TNT tires



Vittoria MTB folding casing tires are simple, light, and fast-rolling. Using the same aramid bead of the TNT version, Vittoria folding casings offer a combination of light weight and performance, while being able to be set up tubeless. 

Vittoria MTB folding clincher selection:

  • Cross-Country: Mezcal, Barzo, Gato, Saguaro, Peyote, Aka
  • Enduro/All-Mountain: Morsa, Goma



Vittoria MTB Rigid casing is the most cost-effective technology of the entire range, and it is compatible with standard bead rims.

Vittoria MTB rigid clincher selection:

  • Cross-Country: Mezcal, Barzo, Saguaro, Peyote, Aka
  • Enduro/All-Mountain: Martello, Morsa, Goma



A tubular tire casing has a perfectly round cross-section that completely encloses the inner tube. Vittoria tubular Mountain and Cyclocross tires feature a latex inner tube; chosen to best resist puncture, and increase elasticity. The perfectly round cotton casing, supple material, and elastic inner tube, work together to minimize impact deflection. Tubulars have reduced rolling resistance and increased comfort, when compared to standard clincher type tires.

Vittoria off-road tubulars selection:

  • Cyclocross & Gravel: Terreno Dry – Terreno Mix – Terreno Wet (with latex inner tube)
  • Cross-Country: Saguaro, Peyote (with latex inner tube)