Interview: Taylor Phinney

We at Vittoria had some important questions for Taylor Phinney that we needed answered. Check out the interview below, and scroll to the bottom to listen to the interview to elevate your frequency.


You’re known as a road cyclist. Do you dabble in any other disciplines?

I am known as a road cyclist, I also ride mountain bikes. I consider myself an original gravel enthusiast, however I just call it “dirt” riding, I prefer to stay away from the word “gravel” because its trendy right now. Did some BMX when I was a kid, raced cyclocross when I was younger, but yeah, I love to go off asphalt and also off dirt roads. When I’m in the trails, that’s when I feel most at home.


You’re known as the “Chief Vibrations Officer” (haha) on the EF Education First Pro Cycling Team. What does this role entail?

The Chief Vibrations Officer, also known as the CVO is keeping an elevated frequency thus not only sustaining that frequency but continuously elevating that frequency within a group setting which is extremely difficult to do when you’re surrounded by moody, grumpy and often hangry cyclists. It’s a manipulation of frequencies for the betterment of a collective.


Pre-race rituals. Do you have any?

To activate my glutes with an elastic band. Recently I’ve been burning Palo Santo as well because you might as well cleanse the space, that’s if you have a stick of Palo Santo with you, which I do at all times.


What race are you looking forward to most this year? Do you have any goals for the season?

The Dirty Kanza! Otherwise, Paris-Roubaix. Otherwise the calendar and the races are always the same, so I’ve done them all multiple times.


Lately you’ve been posting a lot of vinyl on your stories. Who is your current favorite music artist?

Its impossible to really say my favorite, but recently the last record I was really grooving on was by Fourtet – BANGIN! He’s hypnotizing you and he may or may not be entering into your psyche with his music, and I like that, so if you’re into that, jump on it.


At this point, you’ve ridden a few different tires from Vittoria. Do you have a favorite?

My favorite tire from Vittoria is the Terreno Dry, the “gravel/dirt/cyclocross/summer tires”, they have a somewhat slick middle and some grip on the sides, they’re great. So yeah, the Terreno Drys are my jam and I’m about to put them back on my Synapse today.


If you aren’t training or racing, what are you doing?

Oh gosh, its impossible for me to sit still and rest. I’m either cleaning, or making music, or drawing or reading, morakami or I am painting, or generally just plotting my next move or transition, or planning art projects, and when I’m not doing all those I’m riding my bike sometimes.


You are stranded on an island and you are allowed to fly in 3 people. Who are you flying in?

#FyreFestival I would fly in my friend Gabe who is a chef, so there we go. We’re on an island having sashimi all the time. I mean I’d have to say my girlfriend, but also yes, that makes sense, I don’t know if mentally she would be the greatest companion on an island, but shes my partner now and she’ll be my partner on the island. The third person is interesting, there’s a few different directions I could go with this. My first idea is to bring my sister in, but perhaps I don’t know if I would want to do that to her. The other thing with this question is that I’m imposing on people and making their lives ruined by bringing them to this island. I’m gonna need to take one for the team and bring Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong-Un to the islands so they can’t do anything else to the world, so I’ll just take that for society and go down as a hero.


Anything else you’d like to tell the world?

I don’t think so. This has been long enough. You’re welcome. Ciao.


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Taylor working on his drawings