Interview: Stephen Hyde

We caught up with 3x US National CX Champion Stephen Hyde! If you think his win was the best part of his week, you're wrong!

This season was different from your past seasons. What did you do differently to make a comeback?

I guess I didn't do anything differently. I just had to refocus my time frame and my approach to the training to accommodate my injuries. Like, running on the tread mill indoors and more visualization when I couldn't actually ride off road. Keeping motivation was tough though and it took a lot of thought to figure out how to keep me rolling in the right direction. 


How did you get hooked up with Vittoria?

I have been around the Vittoria rider- family for a long time and have seen the different tires come and go. When I met Ken Avery a few years ago we talked about the new stuff coming out and got a chance to run the MTB tires during my summer campaign. I fell in love with the compounds and working with Ken. Couldn't be happier to join the CX family. 


This particular cross nationals was super muddy.  Why did you choose the Terreno Wet?

The course conditions were ripe for the Terreno Wet. The compound and siping did a great job of keeping traction where I needed it and the low profile knobs kept the mud from collecting on the tread and bike. Couldn't have been a better choice. 


Do you have any pre-race rituals?

Every day is a pre-race ritual, except race day. Haha. I like to do some yoga in the morning, drink some coffee, eat a big breakfast, eat a big lunch, visualize the course and how I want the race to play out, then hit the trainer and get my self ready to fight! 


When you aren’t on the bike, what are you doing?

Well, my wife and I bought a house this summer and we have a rental apartment attached. So between the house, our dog and cats there isn't much time left besides training. However, we always seem to find the time to spend with our friends, we love eating at nice restaurants and spending time outdoors. I play some guitar and listen to records while I am home. I actually keep a guitar in Europe as well for the down time. I really enjoy reading and try to spend spare time learning something new. 


A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say, and why is he here? 

"Trump melted my home, so I went to Mexico to build a wall but now I am afraid of getting deported."


What’s your favorite mountain bike tire?

I run the Mezcal 95% of the time. It's so fast(!) and offers grip in such a wide range of conditions. How they build a one tire to kill them all is pretty crazy to me.


Is there anyone in particular in the cycling world that you look up to?

There are so many people in the cycling world that I look up to. It would be impossible for me to narrow that down. I am such a fan of the people involved in our sport. I have always aspired to work within our little world and to have found the job I have is unreal. It's been really cool for me to work so closely with Stu Thorne. He has run our program for so long and has just really built an impressive legacy with a very unique and inspiring style. He takes care of the riders and the brands we work with with the same care. It's really a master class in how to run a business.


Anything else you’d like to tell the world?

I GOT MARRIED ON THURSDAY! And I couldn't be happier. If you think Sunday was my happiest moment this week, you would be dead wrong.


To follow Stephens adventure, follow him on instagram, @stephenhyde                                                    Header photo: Meg Mcmahon