Carbon-fiber evolves with Graphene.

What is Graphene?

It is “the material of the future” to cycling products. It is a nano-technology material that will help produce stronger, lighter, and more resistant wheels and tires.

Benefits of Graphene in carbon wheel applications

The addition of this nano-technology material results in a faster, stronger, more resilient carbon-composite material. Qurano and Race tubular wheels have graphene-enhanced full-carbon rims that far outperform today’s best. This is the future of race wheels. Graphene-enhanced composites have 10~30% improved material properties. Tests carried out by Vittoria R&D engineers, confirmed by external laboratories, found that introducing graphene into the rim’s carbon-fiber matrix has a great positive impact:

  • Graphene reduces temperature build-up
  • Graphene increases spoke-hole strength measurably
  • Graphene significantly improves lateral stiffness
  • Graphene has strong potential for a future product weight reduction