Vittoria is the pioneer and the world’s leading manufacturer of tires with cotton casing. The sublime performance of Vittoria tires and tubulars is the product of years of experience, R&D, and advanced production technology. At its heart is our mastery of fine-cotton Corespun production.

Casing is the part of the tyre on which the tread lays: it is fundamental in sustaining the structure of the tire and in protecting it from punctures and external agents. Therefore, this is the part of the tire which adds more weight. As a material, cotton helps in reducing the weight of the casing while delivering high protection and grip in the same time. However, in order to boost the overall strength of the casing, Vittoria uses Corespun yarn, which is a particular type of yarn made by cotton and aramid fibres combined.


The performance delivered by Corespun cotton casings are brilliant. Simply put, the finer the Corespun fabric, the suppler the tire casing. The casing conforms closer to the road’s surface, providing a smoother ride, easier rolling, and better grip. The grade of fabric used in a tire’s casing is expressed in threads-per-inch (TPI): the higher the TPI number, the finer the threads, the denser the weave, and the suppler the tire.

Vittoria is the unique bicycle tire manufacturer making casings with 320 TPI Corespun yarn—the finest available. Vittoria cotton casings differ in thread size and additive content, according to intended use:
  • Corespun T 320 TPI: It utilizes the finest thread available, exclusive to Vittoria. This special 320 TPI makes for the lightest, supplest, and fastest casing ever, to sustain the highest pressures used on track. Corsa Speed and Pista Speed use this particular type of casing.
  • Corespun K 320 TPI: It has a mixture of aramid threads for casings where strength is of the essence. This is the casing used in Corsa and Corsa Control tyres.
  • Corespun 320 TPI: It is our most advanced Corespun casing, made of the finest poly-cotton thread with no added aramid. Terreno range uses this type of casing (Terreno Dry, Terreno Mix, terreno Wet).
  • Corespun 290 TPI: It is a high-TPI cotton with polyester yarn, producing a flexible, strong casing sustaining high pressures and offering outstanding performance and comfort. Rubino Pro uses this type of casing.
  • Cotton 220 TPI: Cotton is the traditional material of high-quality racing tubulars. Vittoria uses the finest grade of natural cotton, 220TPI, in a diverse range of top-class tubulars such as Rally and Juniores.


Nylon is a robust and durable artificial fiber traditionally used for strong tire casings. The artificial fiber can be very light but is not as supple as Corespun. Our nylon casings set a new standard in their class. Vittoria offers casings in nylon 220 TPI, 180 TPI, 150 TPI, 120 TPI, nylon 60 TPI, and nylon 26 TPI, each equipping tires at its respective point on the price-performance scale, and all conferring the Vittoria characteristics of comfort, speed, and good handling.

Nylon casing 120 TPI are used in Vittoria high-end Cross-Country and Enduro/All-Mountain MTB tyres; 60 TPI nylon casings feature Vittoria Downhill product line; 26 TPI nylon casings feature Vittoria MTB and Urban entry-level tyres.



As mentioned before, the grade of fabric used in a tire’s casing is expressed in threads-per-inch (TPI): the higher the TPI number, the finer the threads, the denser the weave, and the suppler the tire. Vittoria tires and tubulars range from 26 TPI to 320 TPI. Riders in search of higher performance are more likely to choose higher-TPI tires. For many sporting riders, folding tires of around 150 TPI are a good all-round combination of weight, rolling resistance, durability, and comfort. A higher TPI brings the benefit of lower weight and rolling resistance, at the expense of durability. No-compromise riders seek out tubulars and open tubulars for the maximum flexibility of high TPI casings.