Barzo & Mezcal: Vittoria’s best XC MTB Tires

Barzo and Mezcal are Vittoria’s best XC tires and they are designed for specific applications. Let’s find them out!

Barzo is probably the most popular XC tire from Vittoria for mixed terrains. Barzo is built to deliver speed, grip, strength and durability across the most technical trails. In combination with the latest casing developments, Barzo sets a higher standard in applied technologies for MTB tires. World Champion proven, Barzo uses moto-block square knobs for increased stability and durability, medium spaced knobs for a range of terrain and conditions and progressive sipe-angle pattern for tactile grip.

Mezcal is the most appreciated XC tire from Vittoria for dry conditions. The tire is built with capable side knobs for providing the best grip on trails that require continuous climbing and braking; and with a defined center-ridge tread for providing speed and fluidity on straight and fast tracks. In addition to this, the combined presence of Graphene and 4 rubber compounds offers the optimal structure to take the Mezcal performances to a whole new level, yet decreasing the total weight of the tyre. For all this, we claim that Mezcal is the evidence that there is no longer need for compromises between speed and grip within XC tires.


Barzo and Mezcal – Vittoria’s best XC MTB tires – are tubeless ready and available in two casing options: XC-Race and XC-Trail (LEARN MORE). At the compound level, they use the best technologies ever developed by Vittoria: Vittoria 4C technology - a layering process using 4 separate compounds in the tread - and GRAPHENE. The 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for separate base and surface compounds, in both the centre and side areas of the tread. This means Vittoria 4C can tune the tread flex, rebound, and base stability to best achieve the desired performance characteristics. GRAPHENE technology has completely cleared all compromises related to tire performance and changed the rules. In fact, graphene ensures extreme wet grip and higher puncture resistance.