Tadej Pogacar wins the Tour on Vittoria Corsa


Vittoria Corsa Graphene tires took Tadej Pogacar and UAE Team Emirates to the top of the general classification. This result is a crystal-clear evidence of the Corsa’s performances, of its unmatched speed and reliability in any condition. The Tour gave us many reasons to be proud of our tires, as Corsa has won 10 stages in total:


Their tire choice has been #VittoriaCorsa GRAPHENE. Corsa uses premium cotton casing to conform closer to the road’s surface, providing a smoother ride, easier rolling, and better grip while being lightweight and soft. The innovative GRAPHENE compound allows for higher speed and mileage. Most of the pro riders, will be using the tubular version of the Corsa. On Vittoria tubulars, the tread is glued by hand on the casing, a labor-intensive process exclusively used for premium tubulars. The tubular tire’s round profile gives it several advantages over any clincher. Cornering is more predictable and shock absorption is superior. Also, the broad glued interface to the rim spreads shock loads more evenly through the casing, letting the tire absorb big hits without deflecting or slowing down.

Another option was the Corsa in tubeless-ready version. Tubeless-ready set up is the lightest and fastest casing option. The tubeless ready bead allows the tire to be used with no tube. Tire sealant can be added inside the tire to prevent air loss in case of punctures. Tubeless set up is chosen for its unique performance: it locks into the rim wall to provide an airtight seal and ensure easy tubeless installation, and to optimize air retention (minimize burping). Watch this video to discover the differences between tubulars, clinchers and tubeless tires.

Thank you again to all the teams trusting Vittoria this year:

Education First

Lotto Soudal

NTT Team

Team Jumbo – Visma

UAE Team Emirates