Graphene Benefits

Graphene is a revolutionary material in the form of a very thin, nearly transparent sheet of pure carbon. In its extreme form it is as thin as a single atom (1/1,000,000,000th of a meter). Vittoria uses a form of Graphene which is 2 to 8 atoms thin.

1. Enormous surface area: 1 gram = around 2,630 m2 that can facilitate any chemical process
2. High mechanical resistance: approximately 200 times stronger than steel
3. High thermal conductibility: more than 2 times that of a diamond
4. Less density: is equal to half that of aluminium
5. High elasticity: equal to 6 times that of steel
6. High electrical conductibility, transparency, lightness, flexibility and mechanical resistance

Vittoria only uses the most premium form of Graphene (pristine) in order to unlock the greatest possible improvements for all our products. This pristine Graphene Vittoria uses, in comparison to other forms of Graphene, offers 4 to 6 times greater improvements for the material it is applied to (carbon for wheels, rubber for tires). Vittoria leverages its center of excellence for compounds for its research and development, which is needed to be a part of the most advanced material research.

With the application of Graphene in Vittoria wheels and tires, we have truly developed revolutionary products. Therefore, we have created a new product range called the “Intelligent Tire System” (IT’S).

Vittoria tires are now intelligent. IT’S compounds become harder and softer, depending on the needs of the rider. If the tire is rolling straight, the rubber is at its hardest and offers low rolling resistance. If the rider breaks, accelerates or corners, the compounds soften and offer significantly more grip. Prior to the advanced development of Graphene, there was always the requirement of choosing between optimizing, or aiming at, speed, grip, durability and puncture protection. Effectively, the introduction of Graphene allows for natural material barriers of rubber to be removed, which means that there is no longer the need for such compromises between speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance. All these features are now reaching their maximum possibilities.

Specific examples of improvement in road tires

The new Randonneur Tech, Revolution Tech, Adventure Tech and Trail Tech cover every possible scenario you’ll encounter in and around the city. The four new ‘Tech’ tires are all e-bike regulation-compliant, enhanced with Graphene and designed for all the latest demands in the city and beyond. For safety around traffic, all four new tires have a reflective strip.

Nylon Casing

Double Shielding employs dual protective belts, a layer of first-generation PRB breaker in addition to a high-density rubber breaker strip under the tread.

Puncture protection Double Shielding - Puncture protection
Lightweight Double Shielding - Lightweight
Protection system: PRB®

Solid shielding has a thick natural rubber layer under the tread, providing maximum protection without the negative impact on rolling resistance.

Puncture protection Solid Shielding - Puncture protection
Lightweight Solid Shielding - Lightweight
Protection system: tough rubber layer

Compounds For E-Bikes

Vittoria’s G Isotech compound offers a great improvement in reduced rolling resistance, strength and durability that is ultimately suitable for the electric-engine equipped bicycles on the road and for MTB alike.

This compound enables a very smooth rolling experience for electric engine-supported bikes in the city that prolongs the battery life as well. When applied to the electric motor-equipped mountain bikes it is ultimately suitable to deal with the increased acceleration torque and delivers much greater strength exactly where it is needed: at the knob base where torque damage is most likely.