Guardian Angels of the Peloton

They are always there at a rider’s moment of greatest need.
Expert in reading the race, swift to respond, skilled to right any
mechanical wrong—they can act in an instant to put any luckless
rider back in the race. Professionals, most with a lifetime’s
distinguished service to cycling, they have transformed so many
riders’ fortunes. They are Vittoria Servizio Corse Team, the Guardian
Angels of the Peloton.
Servizio Corse provides official neutral support to all
pro riders, without distinction, during races. The rider’s
need may be great, after a brutal crash, or small, just a
little water.
Corsa CX is the world’s best-known and most-used
Cotton tires tubular, the choice of champions: the 320
TPI Corespun casing confers a uniquely supple ride
and exquisite handling.

We know all the teams and riders, and they all know who we are.
We are professional mechanics.
We are former professional cyclists.
We are cycling fans.
Often, if a rider has a mechanical, our guys can do
running repairs from the car; sometimes, even, just for morale,
give the rider a little push.
Four cars and one hospitality bus of Servizio Corse are easy to spot.
We’re there to support the season’s biggest and most challenging races like the Giro d’Italia, Milano-Sanremo, Dubai Tour and Langkawi Tour.
We know what riders feel and suffer in the race:
the anxiety, the adrenaline, the desire to win.
We know because we are there in the mix.

We are a part of it.


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