Teton Gravity Reviews Vittoria Bomboloni

November 23, 2016

Teton Gravity Research editor, Gunnar Waldman has reviewed Vittoria’s Bomboloni tire.

Waldman’s verdict: “Vittoria’s Bomboloni plus tires are light, fast rolling, and have a shallow, XC-like tread. The tire has squared off knobs with some tight multi-directional siping. Its lugs are also ramped, for decreased rolling resistance.”

“The most pronounced difference between the Bomboloni and most other plus tires is it actually breaks away, despite slightly higher cornering knobs, allowing predictable drifts when you lean it into faster corners.”

“If you want some fast acceleration, that keeps plenty of grip with just a bit more playfulness than usual rubber, this tire is your jam.”

Read the full review here: Teton Gravity Research