Bicycle Rolling Resistance tests Mezcal TNT 5/5

Bicycle Rolling Resistance, a website dedicated to giving insight into the rolling resistance characteristics of road bike and mountain bike tires, has given Vittoria’s mountain bike Mezcal TNT tire a maximum rating of 5 out of 5.

Bicycle Rolling Resistance has built its “own bicycle tire rolling resistance test machine, which is used to test as many road and mountain bike tires as possible.”

Editor, Jarno Bierman’s verdict: “I can tell you the new 4C G+ compound is the real deal! Vittoria has now closed the gap to the competition thanks to a much more advanced compound.”

4C is exclusively developed by Vittoria to achieve performance products without compromise. Vittoria 4C is a layering process, using 4 separate compounds in the same tread. The 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for separate base and surface compounds, in both the center and side areas of the tread.

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