Vittoria: the winner bike tyres of 2018


2018 has been a year full of victories in XC, CX and Road competitions for Vittoria! Riders on Vittoria graphene tyres achieved terrific results in national and international championships globally.  The high performances and reliability of Vittoria products allowed riders to be at the top among the best athletes of the world. Vittoria are definitely the winner bike tyres of 2018.

Here is a list of the major victories collected on Vittoria graphene tyres:


1st place, European XC Championships

Athlete: Lars Forster, BMC MTB Racing Team

Tyres used: #VittoriaMezcal

“The Mezcal is the absolute and most advanced tire. The knobs in the middle of the tire offer a great rolling performance and the soft sidewall give the perfect grip for fast curves. The most impressive is actually how strong this tire is despite its light weight. The tire has a good flexibility which provides both comfort and traction.” – Lars Forster


1st place, Austrian National XC Championships

Athlete: Gregor Raggl, Moebel Maerki MTB Team

Tyres used: #VittoriaMezcal with Air-Liner (first ever XC Championship won using a tyre liner insert).

“It was raining a bit during night, but I was running the Mezcal 2.25 front and rear, with the air-liner in the back. Very satisfied with the setup, since I am using the Air-Liner I haven’t punctured.” – Gregor Raggl


1st place, German National XC Championships

Athlete: Elisabeth Brandau, EBE Racing Team

Tyres used: #VittoriaBarzo front, #VittoriaPeyote rear


“On this sandy, loose dirt race track, Barzo and Peyote gave me enough confidence in the downhills and superb grip on the uphills so that I was able to control my competitors and win the German Championships.” – Elisabeth Brandau


1st place, French National XC Championships

Athlete: Titouan Carod, BMC MTB Racing Team

Tyres used: #VittoriaMezcal


“It was only decided in the last lap. I started it in last position and had to work hard to get into a better position. Sarrou (a competitor) who was very strong flatted in the rock garden so I took advantage of it to take the lead.” – Titouan Carod


1st place, Italian National XCE Championships

Athlete: Mirko Tabacchi, CS Carabinieri cicli Olympia Vittoria

Tyres used: #VittoriaBarzo


1st place, Russian National XC Championships

Athlete: Irina Kalentieva, Moebel Maerki MTB Team

Tyres used: #VittoriaMezcal


1st place, Pan-American XCM Championships

Athlete: Bruno Martins Lemes

Tires used: #VittoriaMezcal


1st place, European CX Championships

Athlete: Eddy Van IJzendoorn

Tyres used: #VittoriaTerrenoMix

"Thank you so much Vittoria! Amazing tyres!" - Eddy Van IJzendoorn 


1st place, Canadian National CX Championships

Athlete: Michael Van den Ham

Tires used: #VittoriaTerrenoWet


“The course was muddy but, because of the frozen ground, hard packed underneath. I went for the Terreno Wet for the traction, and I think I had a big advantage over people with other mud tires because of its super-fast rolling profile and puncture resistance”. – Michael Van den Ham


1st place, UCI World Cup CX, Jingle Cross

Athlete: Kaitlin Keough, Cannondale p/b

Tyres used: #VittoriaTerrenoWet


“The tires worked really well on the climbs. I had traction when I thought I wouldn’t. They just kept biting.  Even on the downhills where it was super slippery, the tires hooked up. I ran 15/16psi and that seemed to work.” -Kaitie Keough


1st place, US CX Championships

Athlete: Stephen Hyde, Cannondale p/b

"The course conditions were ripe for the Terreno Wet. The compound and siping did a great job of keeping traction where I needed it and the low profile knobs kept the mud from collecting on the tread and bike. Couldn't have been a better choice." - Stephen Hyde

Tyres used: #VittoriaTerrenoWet


13 medals at the UCI Road World Championships

Athlete: Rohan Dennis, BMC Racing Team, gold medalist in the individual time trial

Tyres used: #VittoriaCorsaSpeed


39 medals at the UCI European Championships

Athlete: Marta Bastianelli, gold medalist in road

Tyres used: #VittoriaCorsa


Tour de Romandie winner

Athlete: Primož Roglič, Lotto Jumbo team

Tyres used: #VittoriaCorsa


Tour de Suisse winner

Athlete: Richie Porte, BMC Racing Team

Tyres used: #VittoriaCorsa


Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España time trials winners

Riders on Vittoria tyres won all time trials of all the three grand tours.

Tyres used: #VittoriaCorsaSpeed

Picture: BMC Racing Team


Strade Bianche winner

Athlete: Tiesj Benoot, Lotto Soudal team

Tyres used: #VittoriaCorsaControl

This list speaks for itself. The results and comments of the winners are the most genuine endorsement possible to the superior quality of Vittoria graphene tyres. Next year, do not miss your chance to fight for the victory and rely on Vittoria high-performance product. Vittoria are the winner bike tyres thanks to the graphene technology too #PoweredByGraphene. The introduction of Graphene in tyres, allows for natural material barriers of rubber to be removed. This means that there is no longer the need for such compromises between speed, grip, durability and puncture resistance

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