Wide rim profiles for more grip and speed

Our research, testing and the practical experience from professional teams riding on Vittoria products show that wide tubular rim profiles and wide clincher rim profiles improve the tire performance in comparison to traditional narrow rim profiles. Vittoria wheels are designed to benefit from this improvement. The tread contact area is shorter and wider, so the tire grips and handles better in corners. In addition the tire casing (clincher and tubulars) deforms less, making the tire faster because of lower rolling resistance

Perfect Match tire–rim interface

If anyone knows how rims and tubulars need to fit, it’s Vittoria. The tire-rim combination must be perfect for security as well as overall performance. Today’s deep rims make that even more critical. All concerns disappear when you ride Vittoria tires mounted on full-carbon rims with the Perfect Match or Speedlock® profile

Vittoria SwitchIT® Road Hub

All Vittoria road wheels are built on a hub of our own design, developed by Vittoria and produced according to our well-known high quality standards. The internal components are all based on bike industry proven parts. Our spokes, whether round-section or bladed, are straight-pull and specially produced for Vittoria. This allows a construction that is much stronger and less prone to failure in comparison to bended spokes. Rear hubs have an oversized driveside flange, with spokes laced in a 2:1 ratio. This creates an optimal balance in spoke tension on each side of the wheel and let the wheel directly respond on your actions.

Vittoria SwitchIT freewheel

All road wheels have the unique Vittoria SwitchIT freewheel system (except for the models Vittoria Alusion and Tactic*). Cassettes mount on a freewheel body that can be quickly removed and replaced without tools—easily change gear ratios to tailor your wheels for any course. Switch quickly between Shimano, Campagnolo, or SRAM cassettes, with easy maintenance.

Vittoria SwitchIT® 2

Vittoria has developed the SwitchIT 2 as the new freewheel system for hubs with thru axles. The SwitchIT 2 combines all advantages of highly praised SwitchIT system like easy changing and maintenance, flexibility between drivetrain systems with the requirements of up-to-date hub specifications. SwitchIT 2 is compatible with thru axles up to 12mm diameter, 32 engagement points and 4 synchronic pawls with individual springs. Maximum reliability for your ride.

Versatile off-road hub

All Vittoria off-road wheels are built on a hub of our own design and development, and produced according to our specification. This has resulted in a unique robust and proven off-road design that utilizes 24 or 28 straight-pull spokes. All popular axle types are supported, from quick-release, to 15 mm front and 12 mm rear thru-axle. Brake disc mounting is Shimano Centerlock® or international 6 bolt standard. Shimano Centerlock® can also be converted to 6-bolt using the Vittoria rotor adapter.

Vittoria Road Disc hubs

Developed with Professional riders to bring you fun and performance. The Vittoria Road Disc hubs merge the construction and performance of our proven SwitchIT Road hub with Disc-brake performance and our new SwitchIT 2 freewheel-system. The oversized Drive side flange is perfectly aligned with the disc specific 2-cross spoke lacing. Vittoria Disc hubs are compatible with 12mm or 15mm thru-axles in the front and 12mm or QR axles in the rear. The Centerlock disc brake mount can be turned into international 6 bolt standard with the Vittoria disc adapter.

Asymmetric rims build a stiffer wheel.

The Asymmetric rim is the foundation for a laterally stiffer wheel, by balancing the spoke angles on left and right sides. This is needed on disc-braked fronts, where the brake disk mount displaces the hub flange to the hub center, as well as on rear hubs. The 2.5 mm offset from center on asymmetric rims minimizes differences in spoke tension and equalizes spoke-lacing angles, making the wheel stiffer and more stable.

Run tubeless securely with Speedlock®

Setting a new standard in security for tubeless tires, Speedlock® is a subtly profiled rim-bed that significantly improves tubeless compatibility of Carbon Clincher and off-road alloy rims. Even at lower pressures, tires are held in position and roll-off risk is reduced. It also makes installing and inflating tubeless tires much easier.