Vittoria is the presenting sponsor of Milano Sanremo

Celebrating a new beginning for Vittoria and the restart of the Italian cycling


We are proud to announce that Vittoria is the presenting sponsor of Milano Sanremo 2020. In order to celebrate its new Italian ownership, Vittoria has decided to team up with “La Classicissima”. With the Milanese private equity fund, “Wise Equity” taking over Vittoria in July 2020, the famous producer of high-performance bicycle tires made with graphene is finally back to its Italian roots. In fact, the Vittoria Group headquarters is now back in Brembate (Bergamo), a land which is deeply connected to cycling, and is now closer to the Italian cycling movement than ever.

However, the common Italian legacy is not the only reason for Vittoria to partnering with the Milano Sanremo. The Vittoria brand heritage is strongly related to professional road cycling. Vittoria is the official tire supplier and sponsor of more than 20 professional road and mountain bike teams worldwide,and the list of victories earned by cyclists riding Vittoria is none other than jaw dropping: 41 wins in the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, the Vuelta, Milano Sanremo, Paris Roubaix and 81 Olympic medals, 32 of which won gold.


Stijn Vriends, the Vittoria Group newcomer President and CEO, commented the partnership between Vittoria and Milano Sanremo: “Vittoria is taking one of the most important steps in its history. The company is finally back to Italy, to where it belongs, and we wanted to celebrate this by supporting one of the most iconic UCI World Tour races held in Italy. We found the perfect fit in the Milano Sanremo. the legendary Classic race”.

This year Milano Sanremo means much more than the usual. Although being the opening race of the season, the 2020 edition will be the race of the Italian cycling restart in the aftermath of the Coronavirus emergency that severely hit the Northern regions of the country only a few months ago. Stijn Vriends: “Milano Sanremo 2020 is the race of the Italian cycling renaissance. After all the suffering that we went through, especially here in Bergamo, it is now time for a new start, and we want to actively contribute to it. I am proud to say that Vittoria, the number 1 producer of bicycle tires with graphene, is the presenting sponsor of the 111th Milano Sanremo - the race of the Italian cycling restart.”