The current Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak is a new challenge for companies with operations in Northern Italy as well as in those parts of the world where this disease is impacting everyday life severely. With operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas, the Vittoria Group has the responsibility to take internal measures to run the business operations as usual as possible and, most importantly, to prevent employees from contamination.

We want to advise Vittoria clients and stakeholders that business operations are running as usual. Warehouse in-bound and out-bound capacity is not-at-all affected by the current limitations put in place by the Italian Government. Warehouse personnel has been provided with proper equipment to limit contagion exposure, such as masks and gloves. We also want to advise that, as per World Health Organization statement, COVID-19 virus cannot be transmitted by touching objects handled by infected people. So, there is no risk in handling Vittoria products at all.

Vittoria Customer Service is running as usual; Vittoria sales managers and sales back-office staff are completely at clients’ disposal and orders’ in-take is on. B2B platforms are accessible as always. Vittoria marketing activities and communication plans are also running as usual. The Vittoria Wheel Service Center is also open, and repairing capacity is not affected at all.

Caring about Vittorians’ health is caring about the Vittoria company as a whole. As the Italian headquarter is the most exposed one to the virus influence, employees have been given the possibility to work from their homes in order to prevent contagion and to limit their exposure to the outer environment. Smart working enables the Vittoria staff to continue their daily tasks in a safe place, and to keep the business running as usual. IT infrastructure proved high efficiency and flexibility allowing most of the employees to work remotely from day one. An additional advantage of smart working is its impact on CO2 emissions. Considering that most Vittorians commute by car, and considering the average distance they cover, we have been calculating that for each employee that works from home, 7 trees can be saved per day! This is an interesting fact of course; a starting point for future company actions to #ActOnClimate.

The measures that Vittoria has taken to limit people exposure to the virus come also from the responsibility - that every company in the infected regions has - to comply with the regulations issued by Italian Government to ensure the safety of the community.

If you are a client or stakeholder and have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact your Vittoria reference or simply call our Italian headquarter at: +39 035 4993911