V-TALENT: Hunting for young riders

In Vittoria we believe that only through passion and willingness to innovate you can shape your future. The youngsters, their hunger and their talent will be the foundation of Vittoria’s tomorrow. We are looking for young talents of mountainbiking. Young riders keen to challenge themselves, who are waiting for an opportunity to finally show their value, their talent. We want smartness, predisposition, capability. Desire to risk and to improve. If you have all of this, the V-Talent programme is right for you.

V-Talent is the new Vittoria dimension dedicated to young riders just like you. Later in the season, contests and initiatives aimed to give you the opportunity to show yourself, and to make a first big step in the mountainbike that matters, will be created. You will be given the chance to ride in the most important international series and you will have the privilege to ride with the Vittoria colours, as you will be our brand ambassador on the most iconic trails. With Vittoria, young talented riders can make a start in the professional cycling and become the pro riders of tomorrow.

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