Help Vittoria raise funds for the Coronavirus emergency in Bergamo

Support the Volunteer Rescuers of the Mobile Intensive Care Units in Bergamo

Vittoria and the world champion Dario Acquaroli are giving their contribution to this difficult time for Italy and for their beloved city of origin Bergamo. They have launched their fundraising campaign "UNITI per Bergamo" in favour of the Padana Emergenza ONLUS Association to support the mobile intensive care units in Bergamo which have been struggling for days against the Covid-19 epidemic. The champion Dario Acquaroli has decided to give away, for a lucky extract among all donors, an object very dear to him: the original bicycle that led him to the victory of the Cairns '96 MTB World Championship.

Support Mobile intensive care units in Bergamo and their Volunteer Rescuers to confront the Coronavirus emergency

Bergamo, the Italian city most affected by Coronavirus, is facing difficult weeks: the mobile intensive care units work night and day to help a very large number of infected people.  All first-line rescuers are volunteers who enter the homes of the sick from Covid-19 to give first aid and transfer them safely to hospital facilities. Thanks to your donation you will support these volunteer rescuers who are risking their lives daily to face the emergency with all their strength, trying to survive a real sanitary crisis. Each of us can contribute to overcome this emergency together!

Dario Acquaroli gives you the original bicycle of the Cairns '96 MTB World Victory

Dario Acquaroli has decided to raffle one of the most important thing of his carrier: the bicycle which bring him to be the World Champion in Cairns ’96. Each donation allows to have the chances to be selected as a winner of World champion bicycle!!

Dario Acquaroli: ‘I want to give my contribution in this very difficult moment for my city of birth Bergamo. With Vittoria we have decided to organize a fund raiser where people can donate to support Mobile Intensive Care Units in Bergamo and participate at the raffle of my Bianchi Bicycle. The bicycle which brings me to be the MTB World Champion in Cairns ’96. It has been one of the best moments of my life. Please, help the fund raise and share this initiative through your Social Media. Thank you so much.