4C Technology

Vittoria 4C is a layering process, using 4 separate compounds at the same tire.
The 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for separate base AND surface compounds, in BOTH the center and side areas of the tread. This means Vittoria 4C can tune the tread flex, rebound, and base stability to best achieve the desired performance characteristics. The combination of 4C technology with G+ Isotech compounds is a revolution in off-road tire development.

3C Technology

In certain applications, 3 Compounds (3C) are applied by Vittoria to deliver specific all-around performance.
Vittoria 3C is a layering process (similar to 4C), which uses 3 separate compounds in the same tread.


Endura is Vittoria's basic compound, designed especially for durability. This compound is used for products that offer high-mileage, which is desired for training purposes.