Sealant & tubulars: Do’s and Don’ts


Sealants are a fast solution to flat tires. You only need to fill the tube with the liquid, re-inflate it and move on. The sealant will spread out inside the tube to coat the entire outer surface. In the case something punctures the tire and tube, the sealant will plug the hole, keeping any more air from escaping.

This is how it works with a standard tire-tube set up. However, considering tubular tires, things are different. In general, sealant should NOT be used in high-end race tubulars for several reasons:

  • Sealant does usually not react well with latex tubes and can cause the tube walls to stick together. Especially if the tire is allowed to go flat.
  • When the tire is re-inflated then the tube will tear where the sealant has stuck both tube walls together.
  • Sealant also adds weight, this is not what you need in your high-end race tire.
  • Sealant also will not spread evenly in a tubular so the tire and hence the wheel will be out of balance; this is especially the case when the sealant starts to go hard inside the tube and doesn’t spread as easy due to centrifugal force of the spinning wheel.
  • Sealant will block the valve, especially if, when parked the valve is not positioned at the top of the wheel. If the valve is positioned at the bottom of the wheel when parked, then the sealant will cover the valve hole and solidify whilst the bike is sitting for any length of time. This will make it impossible to re inflate.
  • If you use sealant then you may void the warranty on the tire.


Whilst the above same issues can occur, the Vittoria Pit Stop Road Racing inflate and repair is used for the sole reason of repairing and not for prevention.

Designed specially to repair high-pressure road tires and tubulars, it is easy to carry on the bike during all types of road cycling events. Pitstop Road Racing is made to get you back in the race without delay. Works on butyl tubes, latex tubes as well as tubeless tires.

The amount of sealant is less to be used as again it’s a repair function not prevention and the formula is different to most prevention-oriented sealants.

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