Introducing the most advanced track tire ever produced by Vittoria


There is no other cycling discipline where speed, suppleness and lightweight are so crucial in tire performance as track. The combination of these traits can really make a difference between success and failure, and when you are fighting for an Olympic medal, you want and need all your equipment to be just perfect, the best available. You cannot blow over years of preparation because of a technical failure.

The Pista Oro has been developed with all this in mind. Starting from the best track tires from Vittoria – Pista Speed and Pista Control – Pista Oro combines years and years of track experience at the highest levels. This new tire features the most updated graphene-enhanced compound to deliver ultimate speed and reliability. The special version of Vittoria’s groundbreaking Graphene compound technology, specifically made to reduce rolling resistance for track applications, is coupled with the trademark supple cotton casing. Cotton makes the casing very flexible allowing the tire to conform closer to the ground, providing a smoother ride, easier rolling, and better grip. In order to boost the overall strength of the Pista Oro, Vittoria uses Corespun yarn, which is a particular type of yarn made by cotton and aramid fibers combined.

The combination of the track specific compound and the use of cotton casing on the Pista Oro broke records during testing, before the product even hit the market. In addition to this, the slick tread profile makes the Pista Oro the fastest rolling tubular available for wooden track surfaces.

Vittoria’s expertise and know-how in tires for track applications makes it a truly reliable manufacturer. In fact, Vittoria is the tire choice of the Australian, Italian, Japanese and New Zealander national teams - just to mention a few. Cyclists on Vittoria tires won 52 medals at the 2020 World Championships in Berlin and at the 2019 European Championships in Apeldoorn. A stunning number! 

Crossing the finish line in track racing often comes down to fractions of a second. When you have done the work, and you are at the starting line, be confident knowing that the Vittoria Pista Oro removes any barrier between you and your new personal record.