Vittoria presents the new inner tube selection

Vittoria launches a brand-new range of inner tubes to cover the demand of all tire sizes within Road, City and MTB categories.

Revised concepts:

  • Restructured range to cover 100% demand for Vittoria product range and common sizes like 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”;
  • Revised coverage of tire sizes (MTB up to 2.5”, Plus tubes, std road tube -25mm);
  • Standard valve sizes (48mm/40mm Dunlop), Presta 48mm w/RVC and Schrader 48mm w/RVC.
  • Wider range of packages: box, wrapped, bag, sack/bundle;
  • New box design size with improved consumer guidance and better visibility;
  • New box size for easier presentation (110 x 75mm, thickness depends on tube size);
  • Special purpose tubes for common sizes (sealant filled and thorn resistance).


Each inner tube line comes in new box sizes and layouts for easier presentation and classification. First, the backgound colour of the box identifies the category to which a particular inner tube belongs:

  • Road - light grey
  • City - dark grey
  • MTB - black

Some inner tubes of the new range can be used for more than one category. These overlapping products will have a combination of the above background colors in checkers:

  • City/MTB - dark grey/black
  • Road/City - light grey/dark grey


Vittoria new inner tubes are grouped in six ranges. The identification of the range on the packaging is fulfilled by a colored stripe displayed on the top of the box:

  • Competition Latex - red stripe
  • Competition Butyl - red stripe
  • Standard - grey stripe
  • Fat & Plus - green stripe
  • Heavy Duty - yellow/brown stripe
  • Auto Fix - blue stripe

Competition LATEX: the premium latex inner tube for cyclists who require the best performances in race. Latex tubes are light, subtle and they generate low friction between the tire. All these characteristics work together in reducing rolling resistance. MSRP: € 15.50.

Competition BUTYL: butyl inner tubes providing an airtight performance. Competition butyl tubes are extruded with the latest available technology to ensure a uniform wall thinness and relatively high elasticity for butyl. MSRP: € 10.00.

Standard: general purpose butyl inner tubes for everyday use. Standard inner tubes are made with high quality synthetic rubber with a wall thickness of 0.9 mm. Standard tubes offer good puncture resistance and a solid airtight performance in every instance. MSRP: from € 5.50 to € 9.90 according to size.

Fat & Plus: butyl inner tubes made from quality synthetic rubber. These tubes provide a solid puncture resistance and reliable performance no matter how much rocky terrain you conquer. Fat & Plus tubes are a perfect match with Vittoria’s Fat and Plus tires. MSRP: from € 10.90 to € 11.90 according to size.

Heavy Duty: super robust butyl inner tubes, designed to deliver best durability in rough conditions. Heavy duty tubes are made from premium extruded synthetic rubber and provide higher thickness of 3 mm, while the inside is just 1 mm thick. MSRP: from € 15.00 to € 28.40 according to size.

Auto Fix: sealant filled butyl tubes for everyday commuting or training. Auto fix tubes are made with high quality synthetic rubber with a wall thickness of 0.9 mm and filled with a specific sealant to seal punctures within seconds. The sealant improves the air retention. MSRP: from € 7.40 to € 11.60 according to size.