MTB legend Hans Rey joins Vittoria

Hans Rey, multiple national and international Trial champion, is considered one of the pioneers of this discipline and extreme mountain biking in general. Through his spectacular Trial shows and adventures around the world, Rey gained so much popularity that goes far beyond the mtb world. His skills, as well as his image, make him very appealing to the media and the public; “No way Rey” has demonstrated his talent in more than 70 countries. That’s why he has been named the “Franz Beckenbauer” or “Wayne Gretzky” of the mountain bike.

In the ’80s and ‘90s, Hans Rey won so many Trial competitions: National Champion in Germany, Switzerland and USA, NORBA World Champion, UCI World Champion, Bike Trial Union Vice-Champion, MTB Slalom Worlds bronze medalist and X-Games silver medalist in 1995.

Since 1997, when he retired from professionalism, Hans Rey undertook countless adventures riding his bike around the world. Together with the group of mtb explorers he founded – Hans Rey Adventure Team – he traveled in more than 70 countries discovering some of the most relevant places of the planet for cultural and naturalistic value: he was the first rider to descent Mount Kenya; the first to cross the Sinai Desert following Moses footsteps; he created the “No Way Transalp” trail on the Alps in between France and Switzerland; he looked for the headhunters tribes in the Borneo; he took on the Inca paths reaching Machu Picchu; he traveled on the Roop Kund road on the Indian Himalayas, and again he rode through Nepal, Mexico and even on Ecuador’s volcanos. In 2005, Hans Rey founded “Wheels4life”, a non-profit organization committed in providing people in under-developed countries with bikes as a basic mean of transportation – until today, the organization has donated nearly 10 thousand bikes.

Vittoria is very proud to announce that we will partner with Hans Rey in 2018. The legend of the mtb will support Vittoria in developing mtb products. His priceless knowledge and experience will be very helpful for the development of high-performance tires. When interviewed by MTBR, Hans Rey explained why he chose Vittoria as a partner: “They are a really cool company. What really sets them apart is they specialize in bicycle tires. Not like some other companies that may do car, moped, and whatever tires. Often at other companies, engineers design all the tires — car, scooter, motorcycle, and bike. But a motorcycle tire is completely different than a bicycle tire, and Vittoria knows that because Vittoria designs bicycle tires.”

Rey looked very fascinated by the Graphene technology, one of Vittoria’s strong points. “This compound is exceptional,” he said. “It rolls fast, it’s durable, and it has insane grip. It’s like steroids for tires.” When asked about his tires preferences, he said: “I like the Martello the most right now, but I also like the Mota for muddy conditions. For my E-Bike I’ve been riding the Cannoli. I’m generally a fan of tires with bigger nobs. Air pressure is so crucial for bigger tires, one PSI up or down and you can feel it. On my GT Grade gravel bike, I run the Terreno Dry. It’s a versatile tire, you can really ride it everywhere.”