Filante SLR and Corsa: a winning combo


Wilier Triestina has recently presented their new high-end aerodynamic bicycle developed with professional racing in mind. The Filante SLR is an extremely lightweight aerodynamic bicycle with a significantly improved stiffness to weight ratio. It uses the same materials, technology and construction of the Wilier 0 SLR but optimized and taken to the next level. The result is a top of the range frame maximizing aerodynamic performance in real environmental conditions. In fact, the design of the Filante was based on data recorded in the wind tunnel but environmental turbulence -that impacts the bike for many different reasons in the real world - was also considered.

This weapon will be soon at pro riders’ disposal and equipped with proper ammunition. Wilier has chosen the Vittoria Corsa tires for its new marvellous Filante SLR, and for good reasons. First, the Corsa is already the tire choice of many professional riders – winning the Tour de France, La Vuelta, Milano Sanremo and the Flanders this year. For its suppleness, low rolling resistance and lightweight, Corsa is the non-plus-ultra for any road cyclist aiming to reach his personal best. Corsa features a cotton casing and a 4-compound tread powered by graphene – the best technologies that Vittoria offers for premium road tires delivering professional-level performances in terms of speed, grip and comfort. The Filante SLR is fitted with Corsa 28mm, and the frame can accommodate tires up to 30 mm.