Vittoria Corsa Speed – the fastest bike tire

“The Vittoria Corsa Speed tires have been hailed the fastest bike tire in the world and our own independent rolling resistance tests have found them to be the best rolling on the market” – Symon Lewis (Cycling Weekly editor).

Thanks to Graphene technology and more than 65 years in bike tires production, Vittoria has the fastest bike tire in the market. Since October 2015, Graphene technology has added an exclusive value in Vittoria products. It changes everything. Vittoria, pioneer in using this revolutionary material in the cycling market, has positioned Corsa Speed as the best time trial tire in the market.

Vittoria Corsa Speed (Tubeless ready) has 40% less rolling resistance compared to the same product without pristine Graphene. We have independent test results which prove that Corsa Speed is the fastest bike tire in the world comparing other brands.

The graph shows that Corsa Speed has a 32 second advantage over the nearest competitor in a 50km time trial (at 10W).

Graphene clearly improves speed by reducing the rolling resistance, grip in wet conditions, puncture resistance and overall strength in every Vittoria product. Corsa Speed is a tire dedicated to time trial competition, definitely the best choice in race being the fastest bike tire.

Corsa Speed is part of Vittoria “Road Tech” range which also includes: Corsa G+ and Corsa Control. These products maintain a high-performance level thanks to 4C technology.

Vittoria owns the only machinery in the world able to mix 4 different layers using 4 separate compounds in the same tread. In both Corsa G+ and Corsa Control tires, the 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for separate base and surface compounds, in both the centre and side areas of the tread.

Analysing bike tires usage, the tear is 80% centre area and 20% side areas. Therefore, in the central part of the Corsa G+ tread, the compound has a higher percentage of Graphene to guarantee maximum durability, rolling resistance reduction and higher speed.

In the side areas a softer compound increases the best grip in corners.

The 4 different compounds have been studied to maximize the tire performance by changing the formula according to the discipline’s needs. 4C technology and Graphene have changed bike tires market allowing Vittoria to be the producer of the fastest bike tires.

The increasing number of teams racing with Corsa range is the evidence the success of the product.

Vittoria sponsors more than 20 pro-teams, 8 pro-continental teams, 5 World Tour teams, 7 UCI continental teams, 8 woman pro-teams and 10 Cycling Federations around the world.

Riders have conquered 16 Tour de France, 18 Giro d’Italia, 7 Vuelta de Espana and much more races in the world.

Vittoria #nocompromise. The fastest bike tires in the world with the most innovative material (Graphene), best and unique production process (4C technology), strong knowledge and skills (more than 60 years in the business), focused R&D process (tech labs), high quality (300 quality texts per day, more than 100 people in quality control).

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Cover photo source: © Tim De Waele / TWDsport