Vittoria E-MTB product range


Vittoria launches the new product range specifically designed for electric mountain bikes. The range encompasses Vittoria’s Martello, Mota and Morsa MTB tires as well as Air-Liner tire insert.

Martello, Mota and Morsa, besides featuring Vittoria’s Enduro product line, now come with a new, stronger and more durable casing to match the driving needs generated by the higher power and weight of E-MTBs. This updated version of Vittoria’s three Ms use a 2-ply casing, which is a casing built with two layers of nylon 60TPI (tread-per-inch). This means double strength, double protection and double durability for a tire that can finally match E-MTBs driving demands.

In addition to the double casing, Martello, Mota and Morsa version for E-MTBs feature the APF (anti-pinch-flat) insert on the sides of the tire. The APF is a layer of hard rubber which pads the rim against impacts, and adds stiffness to the sidewall. Of course, this version of Martello, Mota and Morsa uses a tubeless-ready casing with rigid beads (Vittoria rTNT casing) made of steel.

All tires of Vittoria E-MTB range use the most innovative technologies regarding compounds, such as 4C and Graphene. Vittoria 4C technology is a layering process, using 4 separate compounds in the same tire. The 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for separate base and surface compounds, in both the centre and side areas of the tread. This means Vittoria 4C can tune the tread flex, rebound, and base stability to best achieve the desired performance characteristics. Graphene technology has completely cleared all compromises related to tire performance and changed the rules. In fact, Graphene ensures higher grip, higher speed, higher puncture resistance to the tire in ways never seen before.



Considering each tire tread, Martello is built for all-condition terrains, it delivers high-level performance thanks to its moto-inspired tread design with progressive width siping – which provides tactile grip at the knob surface without sacrificing traction or speed. This last part is key, and provides for a progressive feel on the effective edge, allowing for that fine-touch tactile feel that top racers expect.

The muddiest Enduro course conditions possible have inspired the Mota. Intended for use on professionally maintained courses, the moto block spikes cut into soft terrain, providing world class grip across the slickest surfaces. The Mota tread features ample spacing for immediate shedding of mud and debris.

The Morsa has proven itself as a formidable weapon of choice for dry, fast rolling Enduro courses everywhere. Morsa can provide extreme traction and low rolling resistance in the same time thanks to the ramped leading-edge design, medium tread depth, and of course the 4C Graphene compound. Carvy loam trails and technical off-camber switchbacks are no match for the Morsa.


Vittoria E-MTB range encompasses Air-Liner, the high-quality polymer insert that replaces a portion of the air volume in the tire. This trait, combined with the shape, provides a tunable system that gives a progressive feel.

The benefits of Air-Liner on E-MTBs are evident. Given the major weight and power of E-MTBs, impacts on wheels are much stronger and dangerous compared to those generated by a normal MTB. Therefore, Air-Liner works as a protection for the wheels, it is fundamental for preventing rim breaking and punctures on sidewalls. Besides protection, Air-liner enhances the overall riding comfort. It favours grip in both climbing and descent, it allows for lower tire pressures and absorbs high-frequence vibrations.