For Cyclocross enthusiasts’ happiness, cold and rain are finally here, and Vittoria is readier than ever to satisfy their needs with the most complete range of Cyclocross tires available in the market.

Vittoria Terreno range has been specifically created taking into consideration all types of terrains and surfaces: Terreno Dry, Terreno Mix, Terreno Wet, and the brand-new addition Terreno Zero are designed to please all your requirements.

Bridging the gap between file treads and conventional all-condition treads, the Terreno Dry features a unique, angled fish scale design. This allows the center tread to roll extremely fast while delivering supreme traction when loaded in cornering or braking. This reassuring tread design performs in concert with the transitional height mid and side tread, to ensure that the Terreno Dry transitions as smoothly as it rolls.

The Terreno Mix is action-packed, all-in-one performance. Whether you’re grinding through gravel or navigating a Cross course, you know course conditions can change in an instant. The Terreno Mix has been carefully constructed to give you the advantage no matter the terrain. A fast rolling center ridge minimizes rolling resistance while still providing responsive braking traction. Cornering and off-camber sections are confidently handled by the alternating open shoulder lugs. These lugs have been specifically designed to allow a supple feel for paved and hard-pack surfaces, while still offering a firm, effective edge for grass and loam.

When developing the Terreno Wet tread, Vittoria worked with top athletes to gather their wish-list of performance traits that would make their ultimate wet weather weapon. Versatility was the common thread. It had to roll like a race tire, corner on rails and be virtually clog-proof. A tall order, by any measure. The final product is a tread that outperforms anything in its category. With the open alternating lug design and full siping, the Terreno Wet delivers pro performance in a range of soft terrains.

Last but not the least, Terreno Zero is designed to attack paved and hard-pack gravel surfaces. The legendary Corsa inspired center tread ensures the supple feel and low rolling resistance you have come to expect. The trademark Terreno “scales” minimize resistance in the rolling direction, yet provide dependable bite when loaded in the corners, and under braking. When your road ride transitions from pavement to dirt, the Terreno Zero is your choice.


All Terrenos use Vittoria’s 3C Graphene compound, whose structure places three unique compounds where you need them most, delivering unrivalled consistency and performance.

Vittoria Cyclocross tyres range is the choice of numerous professional teams. One above all: Cannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld team. As soon as the American team signed the two-year sponsoring contract with Vittoria -read the news here -  Kaitie Keough won her first UCI World Cup Cyclocross Stage  riding on Vittoria Terreno Wet. “The tires worked really well on the climbs. I had traction when I thought I wouldn’t. They just kept biting. Even on the downhills where it was super slippery, the tires hooked up. I ran 15/16 and that seemed to work.”   - said Katie on the aftermath of her victory.

As an evidence of Vittoria Cyclocross tires high performances, Terrenos were the choice of the Italian National Champion Luca Braidot (from team GS Carbinieri Olympia Vittoria) and of the German National Champion Elisabeth Brandau (from EBE Racing Team).