The Mpc uses Corsa

Corsa is the tire chosen for the BMC's masterpiece

Can an icon be modern? The Mpc, the new bike from BMC, proves it right. As the Swiss bicycle maker claims, Mpc stands for masterpiece and with reason. Handcrafted and driven by perfection, the Mpc is a rare piece of excellence brought to life by carbon fibre artisans. The result of their craftsmanship is just breath-taking. And not just for the design, look and feel of the frame itself but also for the high performances it grants. Stiffness, weight, and performance numbers all match the most demanding professional riders.

Vittoria is the tire brand chosen by BMC to provide tires that can match the standards of the Mpc. What other tire could fit this masterpiece if not our icon, the Corsa? For its design and heritage, but most importantly for its lightness, suppleness and speed, the Corsa is the tire that can enable the Mpc - and whoever will have the pleasure to ride it - to unlock its full potential. Corsa features a cotton casing and a 4-compound tread powered by graphene – the best technologies that Vittoria offers for premium road tires delivering professional-level performances in terms of speed, grip and comfort.