Looking for the best MTB tire? Martello is the answer.

The Vittoria All-Mountain series covers aggressive treads and strengthened constructions to prepare the rider for the huge demands of jumps, drops and various tire-threatening obstacles typical of Enduro and Downhill trails. This is where the Martello is rooted.

The new Martello is one of Vittoria’s best MTB tires ever made. Now enhanced with Graphene and 4C technology, Martello comes in both foldable and rigid versions to satisfy Enduro and Downhill usage respectively. The foldable version is composed by a TNT (tube-no-tube) casing which not only features our proven tubeless-ready bead and added sidewall protection, but also adds an APF (anti-pinch-flat) insert just above the bead.

This APF insert pads the rim against impacts, and adds stiffness to the sidewall. Similarly, the rigid version is composed by the RTNT (rigid tube-no-tube) casing, which is a dual-ply reinforced casing with a rigid tubeless-ready bead and APF (Anti Pinch-Flat) insert. This protects against pinch flats and stabilizes the tire’s shoulder.

The new Martello is now empowered by Graphene. When applied to mountain bike tires, Graphene delivers better grip in wet conditions, and enhanced overall strength and puncture resistance. In broad terms, Graphene makes high-performance compounds weigh less, and it takes much longer for the tire to wear, especially at the knob base.


Along with Graphene, the new Martello features 4C technology. Vittoria 4C is a layering process, using 4 separate compounds at the same time. The 4C process offers unmatched versatility, by allowing for separate base and surface compounds, in both the center and side areas of the tread.

This means Vittoria 4C can tune the tread flex, rebound, and base stability to best achieve the desired performance characteristics. The combination of 4C technology with Graphene is a revolution in off-road tire development. The Martello hammers home the performance you expect, on the most demanding Enduro and DH courses.

Looking for the one tire to tackle a wide range of courses? This is the ticket. How does the Martello deliver this level of performance? Start with a World Championship proven TNT bead, add the proprietary 4C compound with graphene, and top it off with a moto-inspired tread design with progressive width siping.

This last part is key, and provides for a progressive feel on the effective edge, allowing for that fine-touch tactile feel that top racers expect. For all these aspects, we believe the Martellos are among the best MTB tires available in the market.

Technical details:
• Versatile all-conditions design
• Progressive sipe-width pattern provides tactile grip at the knob
• Moto-block square knobs offers stability and durability
• Foldable TNT G+ version available in 27.5×2.35 and 29×2.35; from 920g
• Rigid RTNT G+ version available in 26×2.5 and 27.5×2.5, from 1380g