Barzo, Mezcal and Peyote: Vittoria’s best Cross Country mtb tyres


As the mountain biking season has started, we present our best Cross Country mtb tyres. Barzo, Mezcal and Peyote are Vittoria’s strong points within XC tyres and each one of them is particularly designed to satisfy unique needs. Let’s find them out.

Barzo is probably the most popular and recognized XC tyre from Vittoria. Barzo is built to deliver speed, grip, strength and durability across the most technical trails. In combination with the latest casing developments, the Barzo sets a higher standard in applied technologies for MTB tyres. World Champion proven, Barzo uses moto-block square knobs for increased stability and durability, medium spaced knobs for a range of terrain and conditions and progressive sipe-angle pattern for tactile grip.



Mezcal is one of the most appreciated XC tyre of the Vittoria MTB product range. The tyre is built with capable side knobs for providing the best grip on trails that require continuous climbing and braking; and with a defined center-ridge tread for providing speed and fluidity on straight and fast tracks. In addition to this, the combined presence of GRAPHENE 2.0 and 4 rubber compounds (4C) offers the optimal structure to take the Mezcal performances to a whole new level, yet decreasing the total weight of the tyre. For all this, we claim that the Mezcal is the evidence that there is no longer the need for compromises between speed and grip concerning XC tyres.



Peyote is where low rolling resistance, low weight and dry condition grip meet, delivering fast rolling hardpack XC performance, no matter the course. With an open tread design, classic XC profile, and loads of tactile grip, the Peyote is the tire that will get you across the line, and keep you in control. With a World Championship proven tubeless-ready bead, and multiple size and width options, there is a Peyote option for every rider. Racing XC? Out for a casual trail ride? Peyote gets you there.

Barzo, Mezcal and Peyote are available in multiple casing options. Check them all HERE