BIG NEWS! - Vittoria mobile in-race assistance on e-bikes

We’ll be supporting all the HEROES - #BehindCyclists

Any hero has his own right-hand man! Vittoria puts in place 2 kings of the mountains – one of them being the two-times world champion Dario Acquaroli – that will lead you to the conquest of the HERO Dolomites on their e-bikes. They’re professional mechanics that will be standing by you whenever and wherever you need the most. They will reach you on their e-bikes wherever you are. Vittoria is readier than ever to support all the fighters at the HERO Dolomites with a top team: the #VittoriaServizioCorse.

Vittoria will provide the technical assistance before and during the race in fixed check-up points as well as in mobile points:

  • Tyre check-up: at the Vittoria booth housed in the expo area of the Hero Dolomites (Selva Val Gardena - Piazza Nives), our mechanics will be checking the pressure of your tyres on Thursday 13th June and on Friday 14th June from 10.00 to 20.00. They will recommend the best tyre pressure for you.
  • Fixed check-up points: #VittoriaServizioCorse mechanics will be ready to assist you in three fixed points:
  1. Corvara check-up point
  2. Arabba check-up point
  3. Pian de Schiavaneis check-up point
  • Mobile assistance: Vittoria mechanics will be riding their e-bikes to assist you in every moment! There will be two mechanics equipped to rech you where and when you need the most. Here are their locations:
  1. Pralongià (intersection in between 60 km and 86 km), from 8.50 until 12.00.
  2. Tirler (86 km), from 11.00 until 17.30.

Vittoria Mezcal GRAPHENE 2.0 is waiting for you: discover the perfect tyre for the Hero Dolomites!

Do you have the proper tyre to fight the toughest Cross-Country Marathon of the world? Vittoria has the perfect tyre for you: discover the revolutionary Vittoria Mezcal GRAPHENE 2.0 and use it to conquer the Hero Dolomites! 4 compounds in the tyre, GRAPHENE 2.0 and a strong 120 TPI nylon casing make the Mezcal the must-have tyre to win the mountains.

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