Cotton Corespun Casing

Vittoria is the world’s leading manufacturer of tires with cotton Corespun casing. The sublime performance of Vittoria tires and tubulars is the product of years of experience, R&D, and advanced production technology. At its heart is our mastery of fine-cotton Corespun production. Simply put, the finer the Corespun fabric, the more supple the tire casing. The casing conforms closer to the road’s surface, providing a smoother ride, easier rolling, and better grip. Uniquely, Vittoria makes casings with 320 TPI Corespun yarn—the finest available. Vittoria cotton casings differ in thread size and additive content, according to intended use: • Corespun T 320 TPI utilizes the finest thread available, exclusive to Vittoria. This special 320 TPI fabric makes for the lightest, supplest, and fastest casing ever, to sustain the highest pressures used on track. • Corespun K 320 TPI has a mixture of aramid threads for casings where strength is of the essence. • Corespun 320 TPI is our most advanced Corespun casing, made of the finest poly-cotton thread with no added aramid. • Corespun 290 TPI is a high-TPI cotton with polyester yarn, producing a flexible, strong casing sustaining high pressures and offering outstanding performance and comfort. • Cotton 220 TPI Cotton is the traditional material of high-quality racing tubulars. Vittoria uses the finest grade of natural cotton, 220 TPI, in a diverse range of top-class tubulars.

Nylon Casing

Vittoria’s proprietary polyamide threads are set in an optimized layout to maximize performance, feel, and durability. Nylon is the standard choice in the industry, due to its vulcanizing properties. Vittoria uses nylon material in Rigid, Folding, and TNT casings