Vittoria’s XC workhorse is back!

The Saguaro, the classic workhorse of the Vittoria MTB line, is finally back! With its proven tread design, stellar durability, and low rolling resistance, the Saguaro comes now with a tubeless-ready casing and updated compound.

Saguaro is one of Vittoria’s most recognizable and appreciated MTB treads ever, the first XC tire from Vittoria (commercialized under the former GEAX brand) to really make an impact in this segment. Given the popularity of the Saguaro, and the requests we have received about this tire, we made room in the Vittoria XC range for its comeback. But this is not all. The Saguaro has been updated with a tubeless-ready bead and it now uses a single long-lasting compound. Last but not the least, Saguaro price point makes it a great option for an excellent entry-level tubeless-ready XC tire.

What has not changed from the Saguaro you know is the infamous tread design. By bridging the center ridge, the tread remains supported through its useful wear life. The square mid-knobs also feature a bridge for longevity and support. This equates to a rock-solid option for all-conditions riding.