One year in the new Vittoria headquarter: the results of sustainability


Since Vittoria moved to the new headquarter in Brembate in December 2019, relevant results have been achieved in terms of energy saving and sustainability. The Italian headquarter is the European hub of the company, where commercial and logistics operations for EMEA and Latin America are delivered.

The new building proved higher efficiency in terms of energy consumption compared to the previous one by featuring more efficient cooling systems, heating systems and led lamps. The building also uses photovoltaic systems for energy production, which helped to reduce the amount of purchased electricity and to consequently reduce energy costs by 23%. The new electric heating infrastructure helped to reduce by 45% CO2 emissions compared to the heating systems running on gas and diesel used in the previous building.

Vittoria committement to reduce its ecological footprint has taken the company to equip itself with an internal commettee – The Green Committee – whose aim is to introduce environmentally-friendly actions in the business operations. In alignment with the company efforts to be greener, Vittoria strongly believes also in cycling as a game changer in the future of urban mobility. Vittoria will support the revolution towards a zero-carbon-emissions mobility through its high-tech and high-performance products.