Cotton tires

What the professionals choose

Exceptional grip, comfort and speed make these products the number one choice for the professionals. The family of cotton tires benefits from casing with 320 TPI (threads-per-inch) that’s one of a kind in terms of flexibility and lightness, from a tread that’s the result of millions of km in races around the world and from new, even better performance lightweight puncture protection, offering 40% better than ever before. The full range of cotton tires features the new ISOgrip compound for yet more grip and safety. Vittoria has a long tradition of success: its tubulars and treads have won the greatest number of races in history.

Corsa CX

Corsa CX is the world’s best-known and most-used Cotton tires tubular, the choice of champions: exclusive to Vittoria, the 320 TPI Corespun casing confers a uniquely supple ride and exquisite handling.

  • Provenly the fastest all-round racing tubular available
  • Special tread compound for supreme grip in corners
  • Fitted by more pro race teams than any other tubular

Open Corsa CX

Clincher version of the world’s best-known and most-used tubular provenly the fastest all-round racing tire available

Corsa SC

Pro peloton’s favorite in 2012, Corsa SC enhances the all-conquering Corsa CX with the features specifically asked for by professional cycling teams, and a new tread.It’s now our leading 320 TPI Cotton tires tubular, hand-made of course, and available with traditional para sidewall for classic looks. A true connoisseur’s choice.

  • Race-winning speed, with outstanding grip, handling, and comfort
  • Premium version of the world’s most successful tubular
  • Classic style for modern and ‘retro’ racing cycles

Open Corsa SC

Clincher version of our new-for-2011 top pro tubular, hand-made “open tubular” construction

Corsa SL

Slick racing tread for even greater speed on smooth, clean surfaces, in all other respects the 320 TPI Corsa SL is identical to the CX version above.

  • Even faster than CX on known smooth surfaces
  • Differential grip for straight-line speed and stable cornering
  • Pro riders’ first choice for minimum rolling resistance

Open Corsa SL

Clincher version of the Corsa SL tubular, hand-made “open tubular” construction.

Corsa SR

Corsa SR meets the heightened challenge of the boldest racing cyclists. Every parameter of this new tire design is re-engineered for greater performance: in grip, rolling resistance, and any other metric that really counts, Corsa SR excels. In wet or dry, rough or smooth, on the climb or in the descent, it stretches the outer limits of what is possible.

  • Wider-section version of the supreme Corsa race tire
  • Enhanced grip, reduced rolling resistance
  • Ultimate roadholding for riders who dare

Open Corsa SR

“Open tubular” clincher version of Corsa SR, handmade of course.

Pavè CG

Proven year after year on the notorious roads of classic races like Paris–Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders, Pavé CG is likely the world’s strongest racing tubular. Instantly recognizable by its traditional green tread, now better than ever with our unique 320 TPI casing, and still, naturally, handmade.

  • Rugged Cotton Tires tubular holds your speed on the toughest parcours
  • Grip that never lets go, even on greasy cobbles
  • Preferred by most competitors in early-season pro races

Open Pavè CG

Clincher version of the Pavè CG tubular, hand-made “open tubular” construction.

Crono CS

Our ultra-fast Crono is renewed for still more speed with the new breed of wider-rimmed wheels. Its profile is enhanced for an ideal fit on wideaero rims, yet rolling resistance is reduced, setting a new benchmark for any kind of road racing tire.

  • Tire profile optimized for fitment to wide-aero rims
  • Rolling resistance further reduced
  • The fastest, accelerated!