New joint venture

Vittoria Industries Ltd and Directa Plus, officially presented their partnership.
Victoria and Directa Plus are writing a new page of the tire history!

It was presented last week to the media and to a selected audience of more than 150 guests, the
partnership between Directa Plus SpA, technology start-up firm based in Lomazzo (CO) – which
aims to the development, marketing and use of innovative processes for the nano materials
generation – and Vittoria Industries Ltd, the world leader in the production of premium bicycle
tires dedicated to all levels.
The agreement aims to create – within the first few months of 2013 – a joint venture for the
production of tires containing Graphene, in the manufacturing facilities own by Vittoria
Industries in Thailand, whose new R & D global center of excellence will be opened in
January 2013.

The agreement was presented by the CEOs of the two companies, during the meeting entitled
“Graphene: an Enabling Material for a smart future” hold yesterday in Milan. Organized by
Directa Plus, this event aimed to raise awareness of the huge potential application of the G+
process that they developed in the first European industrial plant for the production of nano
graphene plates (opened last year in Lomazzo).

“With this agreement, Vittoria aims to take advantage from the revolution that will be certainly
brought in the raw materials by the use of Graphene, thanks to the unique Directa Plus patented
process G+. We will test and adopt this new technology and apply it to the cycling field – says
Rudie Campagne, Vittoria Industries Ltd President and CEO – The benefits will be countless,
in terms of weight and performance, and we will announce them whenever we introduce on the
market a new product powered by G+.”

“At the basis of this agreement – explains Giulio Cesareo, Directa Plus President and CEO –
there is a common vision we share with Vittoria: nanotechnologies will soon be the key to improve
the traditional materials, by bringing an added value to the entire production process and to end
consumers. Although the very high content of technology, our G+ presents interesting costs and
volumes; it is perfect for those companies that sell on global markets.”

Speakers at the meeting, chaired by Enrico Castelli, Deputy Director RAI TG1, were Giulio
Cesareo, Rudie Campagne, Werner Tillmetz, (Board Member ZSW – Centre for the Researches
on Solar Energies and Hydrogen, Baden-Württemberg – D) and Alberto Ripa, R & D Director
Reda Group. Their speeches focused on the use of the new G+ process applied to energy storage
and LED lighting.